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Pricing and Billing info


When you want to purchase a subscription for Bizagi Modeler Collaboration Services, the payment is done through a valid PayPal account.

Paypal will charge you a monthly subscription to the registered payment type, according to the selected subscriptions.


When you upgrade your plan to Workgroup from a Personal plan you must purchase an Editor subscription for yourself, as Workgroup owner. For example, if you want to share your models with four coworkers, two (2) Editors subscriptions ($50 USD per subscription) and two (2) Contributor subscriptions ($10 USD per subscription), the price for this transaction will be $170 USD, the additional $50 USD corresponds to your owner's subscription.



If you are purchasing from a country who is part of the European Economic Community, you have to provide your VAT ID along with their billing information to avoid being charged VAT.


To view the status of your current plan, just Log in to Bizagi Cloud and click on the link of your display Name. Then click Plan and Billing.




The right panel will expand. This panel will display the following information:



1. Plan: describes your current plan. The possible values are Workgroup or Workgroup (Trial).

2. Models owned: displays the amount of models that a user owns.

3. Licensed users: displays the number of subscriptions available and in use for Editors and Contributors.

4. Total storage: displays the available storage of the Workgroup (in Megabytes) and the used storage.

5. Need more storage?: displays the Purchase now button in order to open the Plan Management option.

6. Plan rate: displays the total monthly payment for the purchased subscriptions.

7. View Invoices & History: displays a list of the invoices generated with your purchases and monthly payments.


When the list of purchases is requested, you can select the invoice to download through the link in each record.