Plan details, buying and billing

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Plan details, buying and billing


Modeler Services offers a variety of plans to chose from, according to your business needs.

Every free Bizagi account automatically entitles you to a Personal plan, where you can securely save your models in Modeler Services for free, up to 10 MB.

The Personal plan is intended for individuals working on their own models, with no need to share models, and simple publishing needs for process models (Web and SharePoint publishing are not available in this plan).


When to upgrade to a paid-for plan

Some features within Bizagi Modeler require you to be subscribed to one of our paid-for services before you can use them.

A window will prompt you, informing the plan you should upgrade to, to use such feature, as shown in the image below. By clicking the Upgrade button you will be redirected to our Payment Portal.




Purchasing or upgrading considerations

1.You can access the Payments Portal through the Bizagi Modeler desktop application or from the Web Application.

2.The Payment Portal will guide you through the payment process; for upgrades or plan modifications.

3.Plan upgrades, plan changes and purchasing are offered self-service through our Payment Portal, except for Enterprise. To purchase an Enterprise plan please contact us.

4.You can upgrade directly to any plan (e.g. from Personal to Workgroup) independently of the one you are currently using.  

5.Payments can be done using credit or debit cards. A Paypal payment option is not supported.

6.When you upgrade your plan, all your models saved in your current Modeler Services plan are automatically moved. You will not lose any models.

7.You can chose to start a Workgroup trial which will enable all the Workgroup features for thirty days at no cost. This option is only available once.  


Review your plan details

You can access your current plan information either from the Modeler Services web application or the Bizagi Modeler desktop application.

On the Web Application select your user profile name at the upper right corner. Then; select Plan details.

On the Bizagi Modeler desktop application select your user profile name on the upper right corner and click Manage plan.





You will be directed to a window that shows your plan information: The name of the current plan, a status bar indicating the space used from the total allowed, and the options to Upgrade your plan. If you are using a Personal or Professional plan the option to Start a Workgroup trial appears.




When you click the Upgrade plan button you will be directed to the Bizagi Payment Portal.

For billing information or canceling your account go to the Payment Portal section.


Upgrade your plan through our Payment Portal

You can Upgrade your plan at anytime from the Web Application, or the Bizagi Modeler desktop application.

Click Upgrade Plan button to be redirected to our Payment Portal.




On the Bizagi Payment Portal, the list of our plans appears with their highlighted features, pricing  and upgrading options. The price shown presents the simplified fee per month to emphasize the savings that you will have by buying a yearly instead of a monthly plan. Select Buy to go to the purchasing page.




In the plan payments window, fill-in the Billing information.

Keep in mind that paying the annual fee represents a considerable saving over paying month by month.

Payments are automatically deduced from your account each month or /year, depending on the selected payment cycle.




Use these guidelines as you fill the information:


Plan Details


Upgrade to Professional

Upgrade to Workgroup

My plan (mandatory)

This control displays the available plan upgrade options.

Select the Personal option.

Select the Workgroup option.

Number of licenses (mandatory)

For Modeler Professional Services, one license is allowed. This value is loaded automatically.

Provide the number of licenses to acquire. You can purchase from 2 to 50. Bear in mind that each license added will update the total fee field.

Payment cycle:

Subscribe  either monthly or annually. For each payment cycle the system displays the per user fee and the total.

Subscribe either monthly or annually. For each payment cycle the system displays the fee per user and a total.

Total per user shows the cost per user, while the total displays the amount to pay in each billing cycle.

You can increase or decrease the number of licenses at anytime. The adjusted fee will be reflected in the next payment cycle.

Billing info

First Name, Last Name, Email

These fields are automatically filled by the system with the information of your profile provided on your account settings. These fields cannot be modified.

Payment type

Card Number, Country, City, Street Address, State, Postal Code.

Provide your credit or debit card details.

If you are purchasing from a country which is part of the European Economic Community, provide your VAT ID along with the billing information.


Click purchase button to complete the transaction.


Once the purchase is complete, you are notified of your upgrade.

A payment summary appears, along with the features that you will enjoy and links of interest.




Billing information - Payment Portal

You can access to your plan's billing information at any time. To do so, go to the Payment Portal, click your display name, then select the Billing information option.











Displays the current plan status, either active or inactive

Start date

Displays the date on which the plan was acquired.

Latest invoice

Displays the most recent invoice number and link. Click the link to open a window presenting detailed information for the invoice.

Next invoice

Informations about next payment date, number of licenses and the total fee to be paid.

Cancel plan

You can cancel your plan at any time.

The services will remain active until the next payment date: All your models will remain being shared and support will be available. When the next payment date arrives, your account will be downgraded to a Personal Plan.


All invoices

A window displays the general information of all invoices.

To download an invoice, select the blue arrow to the right of the invoice.

Billing information

Billing information

Presents general information about the plan owner. Click the review button to modify the information.



If you upgrade your plan before the payment date, the system will charge you the Balance due.

There are no refunds.

The PayPal payment option is no longer supported. All existing PayPal payments must be canceled by the user and updated in the Payment Portal.  to other payment methods.

Languages are displayed based on the browser's language preferences. Supported languages are: English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese.