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Personal plan

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Personal plan


Every Bizagi account automatically entitles you to a free Personal plan, where you can securely save your models in Modeler Services for free, for up to 10MB.

Personal plan is aimed for individuals working on their own models, with no need to share models and basic publishing of process models (Web and SharePoint publishing are not available in this plan).



Personal plan gives you the following features:


10 MB Storage

Basic publishing

Free unlimited use


Personal plan Web Application

As a user of a Personal subscriptions you can access your process models through the following URL: https://model.bizagi.com/.


You can also access that same site when working from Bizagi Modeler desktop application. If you are working on a model that has been saved on Modeler Services, access the Web Application by clicking the bizagi.com button located in the Home tab in the Ribbon.




We recommend using the latest Google Chrome for best user experience.


When logged into Modeler Services Web Application, you can review your current plan subscription by clicking your username or display image on the top right corner of the window. There you can review your current plan's benefits or manage your plan (i.e. upgrade to a superior plan).




Your plan's information can also be obtained by navigating to the top right corner of Bizagi Modeler and clicking on your name.




Upgrading plan notifications

When you select a feature that is not currently included in Personal plan, Bizagi will notify with a pop-up window. To use the selected feature you must upgrade to the indicated plan.

To do so, select the Upgrade Plan button. You will be redirected to the Bizagi Payment Portal.





Refer to Choosing the appropriate plan for you, to review your current plan's features and to learn about the features available in each plan.