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About Bizagi Modeler

Bizagi Modeler is a business process modeling and documentation Application. The Modeler enables you to visually diagram, model and document business processes in industry-standard BPMN (Business Process Model Notation). BPMN is a worldwide accepted format for process modeling.


You are able to publish high quality documentation in Word, PDF, SharePoint or Wiki. Processes can be easily imported from and exported to Visio or XML, and other tools. The Modeler’s IntelliSense (smart code completion) coupled with its unique look and feel allows you to quickly and easily map and document, without the delay of validation routines.


Each file is referred to as a model and may contain one or more diagrams.

A model can refer to a whole organization, a department or a specific process depending on your needs. Multiple diagrams are positioned as individual sheets (tabs) within your model. You are able to navigate between diagrams in your model by selecting the associated sheet tab located at the bottom of the model.


You can choose between storing your models On-premise or in the Modeler Services repository.


Models stored On-premise are saved in your own desktop or a file server in your Company, as a .bpm file extension.


Models stored in the Modeler Services repository are hosted by Bizagi, giving the freedom to collaboratively design your processes online and manage them at your convenience.


Creating a process1


About Process Modeling

Process modeling is a method to analyze, design and diagram a business process flow. Modeling a process in an iterative, clear, transparent and straightforward way will enable you to understand, analyze and make a positive change to the business process.