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Models View

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Models View


Models view is the default collaboration view. All process models are displayed to all users, being Editors or Contributors (in all plans). They can see the processes they own and the ones that have been shared with them to collaborate in their definition.


This view displays all the Models that are owned by the logged user, as well as the ones that have been shared.

Each model displays some options according to the permission levels assigned to the user:

Owner all options are available

As Editor, users can edit the model and comment to collaborate.

Contributors can navigate through the model and comment but they do not have edition permissions.




Navigating through a model

To navigate a Model and its processes just click on the Model's name.

Within Models, Bizagi allows you to organize your processes using Folders to achieve any hierarchy and organization desired. Create as many folders and you need. You can even create folders within folders with no levels restriction.




Diagram Display

List and Grid View

Diagrams can be displayed in List or Grid View by clicking on the corresponding button in the toolbar, the default view is Grid.




When the List view is selected

When the Grid view is selected




If grid view is selected a diagram's thumbnail will be visible, whereas if the list view is selected only basic information will be displayed, no thumbnail.


Model options

Models are displayed by name and their description right below it. When the full name or description is not displayed, hover over the name to display it.

Bizagi offers several actions to perform on your model when you click on the three dot menu by your model's name.





Websitel_12 Edit in Bizagi Modeler: This option launches Bizagi Modeler to edit the model. It is available when the user is an Owner or Editor. Refer to Editing Cloud Models for more information.  




Websitel_13Properties: Enables the edition of the Model's name and description. This option is available when the user is an Owner or Editor. Refer to Editing Model Properties for more information.




Websitel_15 Share model: This option displays the window to invite other people to collaborate. It is available when the user is an Owner. Refer to Sharing and collaborating for more information.




trash Delete: This option is available when the user is an Owner. Refer to Deleting a Cloud Model for more information.