Modeler Services FAQs

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Modeler Services FAQs

What are Modeler Services?

Modeler Services are an additive set of services aimed at extending the value of the Bizagi Modeler client.

Modeler Services provide cloud-based services to Bizagi Modeler users to manage, publish, collaborate and govern process models, meeting all modelling needs.



What are the plans in Modeler Services?

Personal: designed for individuals, Personal offers standard cloud-based storage and simple publishing of process models

Professional: designed for individuals, Professional offers premium cloud storage, publishing to SharePoint, custom logo, offline work and includes premium support

Workgroup: aimed at cohorts of process designers and stakeholders, offering team collaboration through contextual discussions and transparent working of process models

Enterprise: aimed at organizations, designed for secure enterprise process modeling through publishing, visualization and governance



What are the benefits of Modeler Services?

At the point individuals want to publish, collaborate or govern their process models this can only be achieved with Modeler Services.

Modeler Services are designed to extend the value within Bizagi Modeler and together they provide a full and rich offering.  



What is the minimum plan period?

The minimum period is one month. However, you can choose to subscribe annually (taking advantage of discounts if you do so).



How do I know which plan I am on?

You can manage your account information from within Bizagi Modeler (account profiles are accessed from the top right corner of Bizagi Modeler). In addition, from version 3.3 onwards, Bizagi Modeler will now alert you when a feature you select is not included in your current service plan, a pop-up will then appear to notify you of the right plan to use for that feature.



How do I move from one plan to the next?

When you select a feature that is not currently included in your plan, you will be alerted to move to the correct plan.  

You can also login to your account information and select the appropriate plan. You can also modify or cancel your plans directly in the payment portal.  



How do I change the way I pay for my current plan?

Access the payment portal where you can access ‘billing information’. You can now pay using credit/debit cards.



What should I do if I have PayPal as payment method?

PayPal will no longer be offered as a payment option, all existing PayPal payments will need to be canceled and updated in the payment portal.



I have multiple users in my organization that wish to collaborate on process models with me, how can Modeler Services help me?

You must have an active Workgroup plan and invite your colleagues to collaborate with you through the Bizagi Modeler portal.  



I have already uploaded models to the cloud in the Personal plan, will I lose them when I purchase Professional or Workgroup?

No, your models will be part of your plan going forward.



I am currently in a Workgroup trial, what happens next?

When your trial expires, all the Models in your Workspace will still be available to you from both the Modeler Services Website and Bizagi Modeler. Bizagi will leave your Models in read only mode. This means that neither you nor your peers will be able to add models, diagrams, attachments or make comments. You will need to upgrade to a paid Workgroup plan to continue collaborating in the cloud.

Click on this link to find out more information about Workgroup trials.



I am currently using Workgroup, what do I need to know?

Good news! Workgroup just became even better value! We have streamlined user licensing and reduced the per user price. To receive this new lower price, you will need to cancel your existing PayPal payment and start a new payment plan.

Your existing Workgroup models will continue to be available to you once you have updated your pricing plan in the payment portal.



What happens to my models when I am invited to a  Workgroup or Enterprise plan?

If you have models uploaded in Modeler Services Personal or Professional plan when someone invites you to Workgroup, your models will become part of the new plan. However, only if you share them will your teammates be able to see them. If the plan is canceled or if the owner removes you from the  Workgroup plan, then the models will be moved to the owner.  

When you are invited to an Enterprise plan, you still can have a Personal, Professional or  Workgroup account, user accounts on Enterprise environments are not connected to the accounts on the multitenant environment. If you are removed from an Enterprise plan, your account there is deactivated, and your models will remain in the system, only the users that were previously added to the model will have access to them.



Can I still access my models in the cloud?

If you change payment options your models will be moved to your new plan. You will not lose your models.



What happens if I don’t want to continue using my service plan?

You can modify or cancel your plans from the payment portal.  However, you can continue using your plan until the end of your payment term.



What happens when I cancel my plan?

All the Models in your Workspace will still be available to you from both the Modeler Services Website and Bizagi Modeler. Bizagi will leave your Models in read only mode. This means that neither you nor your peers will be able to add models, diagrams, attachments or make comments.



To access Modeler Services, do I need to reinstall Bizagi Modeler?

Yes, you need to download Bizagi Modeler’s latest version, 3.3. If users do not do this, they will not be able to access Modeler Services.



What devices can I use Modeler Services on?

Any device running on Windows or within a browser. Make sure you review our System requirements.

Click here for system requirements.



Where can I go to get support?

If your query is technical, you may find your answer in the Bizagi Modeler Forum or the Bizagi Modeler user guides.

Professional and Workgroup subscribers will have access to Bizagi support and will be able to raise a support ticket for any issues not addressed by the forum or user guide.

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