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Bizagi Modeler Architecture

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Bizagi Modeler Architecture


Bizagi Modeler is available as a desktop application which can be downloaded free of charge (i.e., a freeware), directly from our official Bizagi.com website.

Through the desktop application, business analysts can collaborate and work on the business processes and store them on-premises in local files, or also choose to store them in an enterprise cloud repository.


Only when deciding to store processes in the cloud and use an additional set of enterprise features of the Modeler, users subscribe to the Modeler Collaboration Services.





The additional set of enterprise features available in Modeler Collaboration Services are accessed via a browser (or mobile device). The Modeler Collaboration Services offer a secure cloud architecture powered by a series of reliable and robust enterprise-class services.




Some of these services are:

A CDN to optimize performance for end users, according to their nearest geographical location.

A traffic manager to route these requests, while providing enterprise subscriptions with a single-tenant service (a dedicated URL customized for your organization as https://model-[your_organization_name].bizagi.com/).

Identity management integration with your corporate identity provider system, while providing a Single Sign-On experience.

The Modeler Collaboration Services web application, offering a set of enterprise features such as process compliance tracking controls.  

Secure cloud storage and platform services set up to provide an available and reliable service.

An advanced search enabling a smart lookup of activities where each end user participates (based on a RACI matrix).

Customizable e-mails for real-time notifications alerting for approvals regarding process compliance.  

A team of experts appointed in Bizagi, taking care of all infrastructure and services, and their involved IT tasks: provisioning, maintenance and tuning, or technical support. This team in turn, relies on a service that enables them to perform a constant and pro-active monitoring.