Welcome to the Bizagi Modeler and Modeler Services documentation

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Welcome to the Bizagi Modeler and Modeler Services documentation


With Bizagi Modeler and Modeler Services, you and your team collaborate by visually modeling, document, simulate, publish and share business processes in industry-standard BPMN.

BPMN (Business Process Model Notation) is a worldwide accepted notation standard for process modeling.


Modeler and Services2

About Bizagi Modeler

Bizagi Modeler is available as a desktop application which can be downloaded free of charge (i.e., a freeware), directly from our official Bizagi.com website.

With Bizagi Modeler you:

Rely on an intuitive drag-and-drop approach and a look and feel that is customizable, allowing you to quickly and easily map and document your organizational processes.

Publish high-quality documentation in formats such as Word, PDF, Web (HTML) and Wiki.

Import from or export to interoperable formats such as Visio, XPDL or BPMN.  


When working with Bizagi Modeler, you can create any number of diagrams and group them into models.

You can store models as local files (.bpm file extension), or also choose to store them directly in the cloud. Only when deciding to store models in the cloud or to use an additional set of enterprise features, you subscribe to Modeler Services.



About Modeler Services

Modeler Services are a comprehensive set of services on top of Bizagi Modeler, aimed at extending the value of modeling with Bizagi.

With these services for instance, your users can collaborate from any location (you access them by simply using a browser). Modeler Services provide cloud-based services for you and your team to manage, collaborate and govern process models in the web, while providing you with features for your compliance and enterprise-class requirements.


Further information

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