General FAQs

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General FAQs

What is the price of Bizagi Modeler?

Bizagi Modeler is available at no cost as a free download. It is not a trial version or community edition, the entire product is available for free.



Is Bizagi Modeler open source?

No, Bizagi Modeler is a freeware, but not open source.  We do not have a developer version.



How do I install Bizagi Modeler on my Mac?

Mac OS is not currently supported. However you can execute our Bizagi through a Virtual Machine in Azure services.

Notice that in Azure marketplace, you will find a Bizagi virtual machine template which you can install without any cost.

Please refer to this article for more information and instructions.



Can I install Bizagi Modeler on a multi-user setup?

Bizagi Modeler can be installed in a Server (as per the requisites) to be accessed by multiple users.

For this setup, there are third-party technologies which will allow them access, such as Terminal Services.



What kind of files does the Modeler handle?

When you save a model,. Bizagi Modeler creates a .bpm extension file.


.bpm, the file format used to save a Bizagi Modeler file.The .bpm in the 1.6 version is used to save a model that will be imported to our Bizagi BPM Suite to be automated and turned into a running application (workflow).

If you want to have interoperability (import, export) with other BPM tools, then you should use the standard XPDL language or Microsoft Visio.

For more information please refer to Exporting and Importing.



What is the BPMN version supported by Bizagi Modeler?

Bizagi Modeler supports the current version, BPMN 2.0.

For more information about BPMN 2.0, see



How do I know if my diagram has modeling errors?

Bizagi includes a button that validates the element's location. and connections. On the Home tab, in the Model group, click on Validate to start error checking.

Select the error description in the Diagram Validation add-on window to correct it.






Bizagi Modeler does not validate the notation and the logic used in your diagram. However we offer several types of support to help you through your process modeling and documentation. For more information please refer to Training and Support.