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When navigating a Model you will be able to see all the diagrams created in it as well as its Folders. Just navigate through diagrams and folders to view and review each diagram's definition by reading through the documentation.




The following is the toolbar displayed on the top of the Folder view.

It always presents the path of the Model selected on the left (as a breadcrumb to navigate back and forth).

On the right, the available options:







Show activity stream


This option allows everyone collaborating in a model to keep track of all changes and comments performed by all team members. Refer to Activity Stream for more information.  

Edit with Bizagi Modeler


This option launches Bizagi Modeler to edit the diagram. This option is available when the user is an Owner or Editor. Refer to Editing Cloud Models for more information.  

Move to


This option is available when one or many processes and/or folders are selected. Opens the model folder structure, allowing the user to select a new parent folder for the selected elements.



Enables the edition of the Model's name and description. This option is available when the user is an Owner or Editor. Refer to Editing Model Properties for more information.

Invite People to Model


This option displays the window to invite other people to collaborate. It is available when the user is an Owner. Refer to Sharing and collaborating for more information.

Show Comments


Displays the comments panel to collaborate with team members. Refer to Comments for more information.

List View


Displays the diagrams in List view.

Grid View


Displays the diagrams in Grid view.

Search box


Allows the user to search diagrams and folders.


Checked out (locked) Diagrams

Diagrams can be edited (their process flow and documentation using Bizagi Modeler desktop application) by all Editors with access permissions. When a diagram shows a lock it means it has been Locked for edition using the check-in / check out functionality. To know who has a diagram locked for edition, hover over the lock_icon icon to display their name.