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General FAQs

What is the price of Bizagi Modeler?

Is Bizagi Modeler open source?

How do I install Bizagi Modeler on my Mac?

Can I install Bizagi Modeler on a multi-user setup?

What kind of files does the Modeler handle?

What is the BPMN version supported by Bizagi Modeler?

How do I know if my diagram has modeling errors?


Diagramming and documenting FAQs

Can I work on diagrams that were not designed in Bizagi Modeler?

Can I import and export extended attributes using XPDL language?

My model includes several sub-processes. How can I import all the diagrams in a new model?

How can I diagram the communication between processes?

How can I diagram a large process?

Can I remove or change the Bizagi logo from my diagrams?

How should I manage fonts in my documentation?

How can I include special characters to support my language?

How can I disable the message that shows up when changing element types?


Sharing documentation FAQs

Can I use the Modeler with several people to work simultaneously on the same diagram?

How can I share my process diagrams and documentation with colleagues?

How can I present my processes in a business meeting?

Why is my sub-processes' information not being included when I publish?


Troubleshooting FAQs

Why can’t I use pools, lanes and milestones in a sub-process?

Why can't I see all the figures in the palette?

Why do I get an activation message of ActiveX every time I export my models to web?

I get the error Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010001 (RPC_E_CALL_REJECTED) when exporting to Word

Why can’t I open my .bpm models shared in SharePoint directly with Bizagi Modeler?

After publishing the web output to SharePoint 2010, the default page will not open. What can I do?

Why can't I publish to my MediaWiki?

I get the message Error loading the model because it is being used when trying to open a Bizagi Collaboration Model file