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Enterprise plan Web Application

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Enterprise plan Web Application


Enterprise subscriptions have a dedicated private and isolated cloud to save and access their corporate process models.

This dedicated cloud comes with a custom URL such as: https://model-YourCompanyName.bizagi.com/.


To access the Web Application open a browser and type your corporate Enterprise URL.


For Editors, when working from Bizagi Modeler application, access the Web Application by clicking the bizagi.com button located in the Home tab in the Ribbon.




We recommend using the latest Google Chrome for best user experience.


There are two main views in the site:


My Processes view

My Processes is the default view, where the compliance features are displayed. This view is created for each user individually displaying exclusively the processes they have a role in. In My process view users can acknowledge the understanding of each process scope and the exact way they are supposed to execute their every day work.




Process Models.

This is the collaboration view, where all process models that are under construction or have been approved and published are displayed.

All users, being Editors or Contributors can see the processes they own and the ones that have been shared with them to collaborate in their definition.