Defining Resources

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Defining Resources


A Resource is a Business Entity (e.g. a company, company division, a customer) or a Business Role (e.g. a buyer, a seller, a credit analyst), which controls or is responsible for a business process or a business activity.


Resources are part of the basic Element properties provided by default.  In each shape they are identified as Performers, since they are the ones taht actually perform the task. They can be defined for the whole Pool and for each Activity (Task or Sub-process).


Define Performers2


To define, edit or remove Process Performers click on the Performers icon located on the Home tab.

This will display the Performers pop-up window.


Define Performers1


Click the Add button to create a new Resource.

Click the Edit button to edit.

Click the Delete button to delete.





Enter the name, description and type (Role or Entity) of the Resource.




Once a Resource has been created, you will be able to select it on any activity.