Customer Portal users and roles

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Customer Portal users and roles


In the Customer Portal, you can manage users of all the Bizagi cloud platform services. Therefore, there are different roles to manage users across the workspaces of each service. This article describes the type of roles available in the Customer Portal.


One company can purchase a subscription of each service offered in our cloud-based platform. For example, one company can have a subscription of Automation Service, and one subscription of Modeler Services. The following table shows the subscriptions and workspaces available:



Automation service


Studio Collaboration service

Modeler service

Artificial Intelligence

Business Insights

Workspace name







There are four main roles in the Customer Portal:


Customer Portal administrator: this user can create users to the company user's pool, and manage users in all the company subscriptions.

Service subscription owner: For each service, there is an owner in the company, for example, an Automation service owner, a Studio Collaboration service owner, and a Modeler service owner. Each subscription owner can manage users under the service where is entitled as owner.

Workspace owner: Each service has different types of workspace. For example, in Modeler services, you have models, in other services you have projects. a workspace owner can manage users for a specific model or project, to invite users to be part of the workspace, and define its role.

Service user: This is a user accessing, editing, or viewing a workspace of a subscription, for example, contributors, or project developers.


The following table summarizes the definitions and permissions of each role:




Customer portal administrator

Service subscription owner

Workspace owner

Workspace user


Applies to

Customer Portal administrator

Automation service owner

Studio Collaboration service owner

Modeler service owner

Artificial Intelligence owner

Business Insights owner

Project owner in: Automation , Studio Collaboration, Artificial Intelligence and Business Insights services

Model owner in Modeler services


Project developers in: Automation, Studio Collaboration, Artificial Intelligence, Business Insights services

Editor in Modeler services

Contributor in Modeler services

Create users in the company pool




Edit company users




Activate / deactivate company users




Include administrators




Remove administrators




Create new users that are NOT in the company user's pool in a subscription





Include users from the company user's pool in a subscription



Remove users from subscription



Set / remove as subscription owner



Workspace (project or model)

Share a workspace


Remove a user from a workspace


Edit workspace information (name or description)