Accessing for the first time

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Accessing for the first time


When you purchase a cloud-based service, the owner must access for the first time the Customer Portal to define other administrators, users of the subscription and the roles of users in models.


After Bizagi provisions the Customer Portal the subscription owner can access it using the following URL format:




After the provisioning, the owner of the first purchased product can access the Customer Portal with the email registered on the onboarding process. Our team delivers a temporary password to access the Customer Portal.



If you change the identity provider of Modeler services, the sign-in page of the customer page changes to the Idp you user in Modeler Services. For further information about signing see Signing with a corporate e-mail.




However, we recommend to change the password:

Click Forgot your password. Type the email associated with your subscription, and click Reset Password:




The portal displays a confirmation message, and you must receive an email from similar to this:





The link to change the password lasts for 5 minutes. However, if the email has expired, you can generate a new email.


After clicking the button in the email, you must have an additional tab in your browser, where you can set a new password:




Make sure that your password complies with all password policies described below the text box and click Change password. Finally, open the customer portal URL and log in using your email and the new password.

After you log in, you find the project and environments related to your enterprise subscription.


Adding Customer Portal administrators

In the onboarding process, you define who is the subscription owner. By default, this person is the Customer Portal administrator, meaning that is the only user with access rights to this portal.

However, you can add administrators to the Customer Portal. To do that, you need to follow these steps:

First, you must include the additional user(s) in the portal user’s pool in the All users section.

Second, set that user(s) as an administrator.  


So, to add the user in the user’s pool, click the user management icon at the bottom left corner, and then select the All users module. Click the create user button:




Register the information of the user:




If you want to notify the user that is been added as a user of the company user's pool, you can click the checkbox located at the bottom left corner.



Job title and Manager email are fields used in Modeler services, however, are mandatory to register a user. These fields can be edited anytime.


Now you can set this user as an administrator. Click the Administrator module and click the Add user button located at the top right corner. In the search box, you can type the name of the user or his email.




Customer portal Administrators can:

Create users to the company users pool.

Set users as Customer Portal administrators.

Manage user groups.


Now administrators can access the Customer Portal. If a user is also part of a subscription as an owner, this user can manage elements of that subscription. The following articles explain what you can manage in the Customer Portal.


Customer portal users and roles

User Management