Creating a sub-process

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Creating a sub-process


A sub-process is a compound activity that is included within a process. Compound means that it can be broken down into lower levels, that is each level includes shapes and elements within it.  

In the previous section we defined a task called “Quotations”, if you have not already created it as a sub-process (as we now realize that this task contains many activities) we need to transform the diagram element and define the sub-process flow.


1. To transform the Task, (in this case Quotations), to a sub-process element, right-click on it and select Transform to sub-process from the display menu.


Editing a process3


2. Once the Task has been converted to a sub-process it is necessary to define its related diagram.

Right-click on the sub-process element and select the Edit Sub-process from the display menu.


Creating a subprocess1


3. This will automatically open a new diagram page to include the sub-process information.
On this page you can diagram the associated sub-process, just the way we diagrammed the first process. Just drag and drop the elements as needed and place them where appropriate.


Creating a subprocess2


Change the sub-process type

BPMN defines several types of sub-process that respond to particular business needs. By default sub-processes are created as embedded but you can change the sub-process type anytime.

Once you have created a sub-process element in the diagram right-click on the element and select one of the following options:

Is transaction

Is ad-hoc

Is Event sub-process

Sub-Process type -> Reusable Sub-Process


Creating a subprocess12



Additionally you can define the Loop Type of your process from these three options:


Multi-instance, the multi-instance attribute of sub-processes allows the creation of a desired number of activity instances.

Standard, this feature defines a looping behavior based on a Boolean condition. The sub-process will loop as long as the Boolean condition is true.


Creating a subprocess13


For each loop type there are specific advanced options to configure the process's behavior.

Advanced properties are located in the Advanced tab from the shapes Properties.


Creating a subprocess11