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In order to integrate your Enterprise subscription with your corporate Azure AD you will need to carry out the configuration steps as described in this section.

Note that these are done only once, typically by an admin user of your Enterprise subscription having access to your Azure AD.


Once these steps are carried out, signing in to Modeler Collaboration Services directly via Azure AD, is done as described at Signing in with a corporate e-mail.


What you need to do

An outline describing the configuration needed to sign in with Azure AD considers these steps:


1. Register an authorized application.

2. Communicate with cloud@bizagi.com for next steps.



Follow the steps presented to integrate Bizagi Modeler Services with your Azure AD:


1. Register an authorized application.

This step is done directly at your Azure portal by doing:


1.1 Sign in to Azure's classic portal at https://manage.windowsazure.com.




1.2. Go into your Active Directory.

Click on Active Directory option at the left panel and click your configured active directory to add a new application to it.




1.3. Add a new app.

Go to the Applications tab and click on Add located in the lower ribbon.





1.4. Input the app's basic details

Give this application a name, and select Web Application and/or Web API for its type.





Click Next (the AzureAD_icon1 icon).


1.5 Input the app's URL properties

Add details as described below:

Sign-on URL: This should correspond to the base URL of the authentication module of the Modeler Collaboration Services, which specified as


APP ID URL:  You may use the same URL as above.




Click Finish (the AzureAD_icon2 icon).

At this point Azure takes a moment to create your new app:




1.6 Set the Reply URL the newly created app

In order to do this, go into the Configure tab of the newly added app.




Scroll down to the single sign-on section and edit the Reply URL so that it references





Click Save when done.


2. Communicate with cloud@bizagi.com for next steps.

This step is done by sending an e-mail to cloud@bizagi.com in order to share certain information so that the integration is successful.

Among the information you will need to include, consider sending the full list of users that will be entitled to access Bizagi Modeler Services through the integrated authentication.


The full list of users should be sent in an excel file, including these columns:

Given name


E-mail address

Job title

Manager's e-mail address

Enabled (specified as 1 for true, 0 for false).

Country code