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Transforming to reusable sub-process

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Transforming to reusable sub-process


You can convert a sub-process to a Reusable Sub-process, or Call Activity (in BPMN).


What you need to do

To transform your sub-process into a reusable sub-process follow these steps:


1. Right-click on the Sub-process to convert, choose the Sub-process type option and then click on Reusable process.


Creating a subprocess4



The diagram element's border will change to indicate it is now a reusable Sub-process.

Creating a subprocess5

If you have already diagrammed the Sub-process you will receive a message alerting to this fact. Click the Yes button to convert it and keep all the lower level diagram elements.


Creating a subprocess10



It is important to clarify that a reusable Sub-process calls a separately modeled process.


There are two different ways of creating a call to a reusable sub-process. The Edit Sub-process option opens an empty diagram workspace and relates it to the shape.  Alternatively, you can manually relate the shape to a predefined diagram.


Let us assume that the Quotations Sub-process is reusable and has not yet been diagrammed.

To create a call for the Sub-process not yet modeled (i.e., create the detail in a new diagram), use the Edit Sub-process option by right-clicking the shape:





Click on Yes on the Dialog:


Creating a subprocess14


A new canvas will be opened for you to start modeling your diagram.


Creating a subprocess15


2. To reference an existing diagram (assuming Quotations detail was created in the previous step), relate the diagram in the Sub-process properties.


Creating a subprocess7


To do this, right-click on the Request Quotations reusable Sub-process element and select Properties from the display menu.



Creating a subprocess8


3. The Element Properties add-on window will display. On the Basic tab, in the Process drop-down list, select the predefined created Diagram.


Creating a subprocess9