Linking a process in the value chain

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Linking a process in the value chain




When presenting the value chain in your organization, you may choose to link processes definitions to the primary or support processes depicted in your value chain.

This way, navigating allows for a drill-down detail.

Note that you may also link to another value chain model if desired.


For introductory information about the value chain feature in Bizagi Modeler, refer to Value chain model.


Linking a process

In order to link a process definition in the value chain, ensure you have checked out the model and then, hover over the given process and click the ValueChain_icon6 icon:




In the appearing pop up, type the name of the process and click the ValueChain_icon16 button to search for it:






Make sure you type the name of the diagram holding your process (not the actual process' name defined on the inside pool of the diagram).

Note that you may also link to another value chain model if desired, by searching for it by that value chain model's name.


Ensure you click on the found process of your choice so that it has a tally mark (ValueChain_icon17), and click Save. Recall to check in the changes performed clicking the Check in button.

And that's it. At this point, whenever the value chain is being viewed (not under edition mode), hovering over the name of the process will provide a hyperlink to the in-depth detail of that process:




The example above shows the Customer processes being set in the value chain, so that clicking on it displays the Customer Service processes diagram: