Modeler Collaboration Services - MCS

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Modeler Collaboration Services - MCS


Optimizing processes is a team effort. And the most successful teams are those who can contribute effortlessly to their goals in a modern way – unrestricted by time or geography.

Bizagi's Modeler Collaboration Services (MCS for Modeler Collaboration Services)  gives your team the power to work together, smarter.


This section is designed to provide everything you need to know to get started in Bizagi Cloud.


How does this affect Bizagi Modeler?

The short answer: it doesn’t:

Bizagi Modeler remains a freeware.

Every Bizagi user is automatically entitled to a cloud Personal plan and can save models in Bizagi Cloud, free, up to 10MB.

Should you want to take advantage of our teamworking features, (sharing, editing, discussions) then you will need to buy a Plan. Otherwise, everything remains free.


Benefits of Bizagi Modeler Collaboration Services:

You can transform Bizagi Modeler into a global portal for process governance and compliance:








Eliminate the need to create and manage a centralized process repository by saving your models directly in the cloud.

Work together with your colleagues who can review the models from anywhere on any device and provide real time feedback.

With centrally documented process models, employees can easily access and learn those processes, improving compliance with your policies and procedures.


Gain global access to all your models

You models and all associated documentation are stored in Bizagi Cloud. This secured cloud-based central repository enables you to access and edit them anytime using Bizagi Modeler and all its power.


Work offline

Business Analysts are regularly on the go. Moving fast from costumer to customer, they need to model, take notes, add attachments and perform updates in a hurry. But companies don’t necessarily provide Internet connection to outsiders. That’s why, in this latest release, Bizagi lets you work offline and then synchronize the changes made to the collaborative design.

Models can be edited (i.e. change process flow, include documentation) exclusively from Bizagi Modeler desktop.


Stay productive from any device

In Bizagi Cloud, you can work on your processes anytime, anywhere, any device - without the restriction of location or time zone.


Work as a team and improve business collaboration

Capture process knowledge by sharing your processes to drive out inefficiencies, improve business operations and improve communications.

Through our secure cloud process repository, multiple people in dispersed geographical locations can work on the same projects simultaneously without duplication of time or effort.


Obtain fast results

With powerful collaboration tools, changes are updated dynamically so everyone in the team is kept up-to-date about the current status of any process model.


Post comments and share ideas

Real-time comment boxes make it easy to review diagrams or specific tasks and leave comments for others to action.


Lessen the learning curve

Bizagi Modeler presents a user-friendly interface that makes process modeling easy to learn for both business and IT users.


Include attachments

Attachments add context to processes and can give explicit examples. In Bizagi Cloud, you simply upload once and reuse attachments between processes.


How does it work



Sign in to Bizagi Cloud and start managing your models.

Cloud Basics.


Add roles to users. Editors have full access to the process model, Contributors can navigate  and post comments.

User roles.


Navigate your Bizagi Cloud to view all models stored in the repository.

Bizagi Cloud website


Manage your process models any time, any place, any device in Bizagi Cloud.

Managing Cloud Models.


With Editor rights, work on your processes as you usually do from Bizagi Modeler desktop.

Editing Cloud models.


Using offline capabilities, you can check out your process model, make changes, and sync it once you’re back online.

Offline Collaboration.


Share your uploaded models with your team members or clients.

Sharing a model.


Add attachments to your diagrams and share them between processes.

Attachments in the Cloud