Bizagi Customer Portal

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Bizagi Customer Portal


The Bizagi Customer Portal is a centralized web-based application that lets you manage the users of all the services you acquire from our Bizagi cloud platform: Modeler Services, Studio Studio Collaboration services, Automation Service, Business Insights and Artificial Intelligence.


In this secure Portal, you can easily manage permissions to access the resources of your cloud services. Once you have purchased a cloud-based Bizagi product you have access to your own Customer Portal to manage users of the given product. Every product purchase under the same subscription is added to the customer portal dashboard.


As a customer of Enterprise Modeler Services, you have access to your own Customer Portal to manage your users.




Managing users

Customer Portal lets Administrators manage users and groups to control  access and making them available to be added to a model providing their access role.


You can define users in the following categories:


Company users: A user in your company is an individual who can be entitled with a role in one or more Bizagi services. A user can be in more than one service but with different roles according to the type.


Service users: These users are assigned to a service you have purchased, for example, Modeler services, or Studio Collaboration services.


Workspace users (Model users): Users in this pool have a role defined in a specific model. For example, a user is assigned as an Editor of a Model or as a contributor. A user may have two different roles in the same product or the same role in different products (for example Editor of Model A and Contributor in Model B). If the user has two different roles in the same product, these roles must be at different models (that is, they cannot be Editors AND contributors to the same Model).


Administrators: Users that can manage other users in the company. Remember that the Customer Portal is for user management.


The following image shows how users are distributed through the different pools of your company.





End-users of the Automation services accessing the Work Portal are not managed in the Customer Portal.


For more information, refer to User management.


Managing models

According to your role, you can:

Manage your service, to include or exclude users to the subscription

Manage its models to grant permissions as Editors or Contributors

Open the model in Modeler Service website


When you access the Customer Portal go to your Modeler subscription, and click the Models section:




Clicking the three-dots menu of each model you are able to:


Edit the model information

You can change the name of the model and its description:




Share a model

You can share the model with other users of the subscription. See Share a workspace.


Open in Modeler Services

You can open your Modeler service portal from the Customer Portal. In your subscription tab, select Models, and at the top-right corner, you find a link to your Modeler service portal.