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Advanced Search

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Advanced Search


In the Enterprise plan, users can perform advanced searches directly from the Home page (My Processes or Process Models) or the Current Diagram view to find processes shared with them. The search will include not only process names, but also the names of process elements and other properties.



Separate the words with spaces for multiple-word searches.

Only alphanumeric characters are supported.

The results displayed start with or match the value entered.

Results do not distinguish between upper and lower case letters.


Performing an Advanced Search

Either from the Home or current diagram view, enter a value in the search box.





To open the search box from the current diagram view, click Websitel_41. The search box appears in the right panel. Search performed from here will be bordered to the current process.


Once the value to search is entered, the results of the search will appear. The search retrieves the process with elements which start with or match the value entered, regardless of the case.




In every result, the word which starts with or matches the value entered is highlighted in orange.

When expanding a result, you can see the name of the process element retrieved in the search and a small part of the value where the result matched.




Click the name of the process or the name of element to navigate to its diagram page.