Changing the number of licenses

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Changing the number of licenses


Manage your account settings from the Payment Portal. As the plan's owner, you can increase or reduce the number of licenses on your plan.


How to modify the number of licenses?

1. From the Web Application select Manage Plan by opening your account options after clicking your username or image in the top right corner of the window.




2. The Payment Portal appears. With the current plan's information: number of users, total payment, and total storage. Select Modify.




3. Select the number of licenses you wish to acquire, using the up or down arrows. You can also change the Payment cycle by selecting either Annual or Monthly. When you are done choosing your preferences, click Update to make the changes effective.




4. A purchase summary window appears. It shows the total payment value, the number of licenses acquired and the features that you can enjoy in your 1 GB plan.





To downgrade the number of licenses you must have as many users in the plan as the licenses you have acquired.

Only the plan owner can access the Payment Portal.

You can select from 2 to Workgroup licenses.