Enterprise Subscription

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Enterprise Subscription

Bizagi Cloud offers an Enterprise Subscription with a unique URL for each customer: companyname.bizagi.com

As Bizagi Cloud charges in a Pay-for-what-you-use fashion, so there are no limits on the number of end users nor deployed applications.

Customers can manage their environments and projects using the Management Portal.


Projects and environments for Enterprise Subscriptions are created by request (after a commercial agreement is in place). Customers choose the Performance Level that best fits their demand and budget. If required, Performance Levels can be scaled up or down by request. With an Enterprise Subscription customers receive:


An initial Testing Environment

Additional Testing Environments by request (e.g. staging, QA).

A Production Environment

The ability to select Performance Levels for each environment.

An isolated cloud.

Ability to scale up or down by request.

99.9% SLA uptime

Management Portal to administer the solution

24/7 monitoring of the services and underlying technology

Technical Support


The subscription includes one or more Testing Environments to conduct user-acceptance tests and a Production environment to run the applications and make them available for authorized users for production usage. More testing environments can be requested for a single project.


Buy a Subscription

In order to purchase an Enterprise subscription, please contact us.


Billing info

Bizagi Cloud charges in a pay-for-what-you-use fashion, based on the Performance Level customers choose for each of their environments. Customers can scale up or down the Performance Level of any environment at any time to match demand. They can also request the activation of additional environments (e.g. for staging or pre-production). If the customer scales up or adds new environments, Bizagi will then invoice the yearly prorated fee, meaning Bizagi will only charge for the remaining number of days until the end of the subscription year. At the time of renewal, Bizagi will charge a fee for an additional year of subscription, applicable to the active environments according to the current Performance Level of each environment. Please bear in mind that Bizagi does not re-found when scaling down. The next billing period will be adjusted to the selected Performance Level.


For new customers, an initial capacity estimate is carried out for testing and production environments (contact us if this is the case). Customers can request, at any time, to scale up or down the Performance Levels of each of their environments to match demand.

To determine the BPUs you require (as well as the correct Performance Level required and storage capacity), customers should estimate the expected number of steps they will execute per month, and divide this by 10,000.

You can also use our BPUs calculator to estimate your Performance Level.



Performance Level


Max file storage

Max DB storage




10 TB

250 GB



50 TB

250 GB



50 TB

250 GB




100 TB

500 GB



100 TB

500 GB



100 TB

1 TB


> 1,500 upon request