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Management console




Bizagi Management Console is a web-based portal to manage and monitor your Bizagi Cloud subscription and project environments and to perform maintenance activities such as: configuring parameters when integrating external applications, managing scheduled/offline tasks, activating traces and watching over them and further logs and alerts, importing users, or restarting cache and overall services.


To open the Management Console, log in to Bizagi Cloud Engine Portal and click on the Management Console icon of the environment you wish to administer.




Another way to access the Management console is from Bizagi Management Portal.




User Interface Explained

Your first contact with the Management Console will be to log in with your administrator user. This user should be created as an Administrator user in the project. Type your credentials and log in.




After you access the Management Console, the main dashboard will display.




The main dashboard shows whether you're setting your Production environment or another.




Likewise, the dashboard displays all the options available in which the environment can be managed:





Shows the current options which you can edit for this environment.

For more information, refer to Bizagi Parameter Configuration.


Allows you to turn on the different trace files for Bizagi's execution.

For more information, refer to Error control and diagnostics.


This module presents options to manage your Jobs.

For more information about these options, refer to Manage Scheduled Jobs.

Event Log

Shows the log for the different events on the Cloud server.

For more information, please refer to Viewing Cloud Logs.

Load users

Enables you to massively load users to the Cloud through a CSV file.

For more information, please refer to Loading Users to the Cloud.

Purge Cache

Purges the cache for the Management Console for all changes done to be enabled.


You can hide or show the side menu by clicking on the menu icon.




To log out click on the log out icon.