From Studio to Cloud

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From Studio to Cloud

Bizagi provides tools to develop business solutions. Each tool assists you with the multiple steps involved in digitally transforming your processes. As mentioned in the Model, Build, Run article, Bizagi Studio is a tool which supports the design of the automation of your business while it is in a Development environment. Customers deploy their automated solutions to run in Bizagi Cloud, which will integrate the Bizagi Engine with multiple extra cloud features to support your solution in a Test or Production environment. However, from your blueprints to a runnable solution, a development process must be performed. The following steps will guide you about what to do when producing your digital transformation solution:


Development environment - What it is and how to design a solution with Bizagi Studio in your Development environment.

Preparing a solution to be exported - Check if your solution is ready to be exported to Bizagi Cloud.

Exporting a process - Create a package to be uploaded in Bizagi Cloud.

Importing an application to test or production - Upload and run your exported application in Bizagi Cloud!



Oracle projects are not supported for Bizagi Cloud.