Development environment

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Development environment


The first step to be able to deploy your processes to Bizagi Cloud is to design, build and automate your processes. Process automation is how you can convert your process flows into technological applications.


Bizagi Studio is the tool used to automate process flows. Bizagi Studio's easy-to-use wizard will guide you through each of the steps to create your complete process model: Steps include defining the data model, the user interface, the business rules, the work allocation and the integration with other applications, among other things.


The authoring environment using Bizagi Studio is called the Development environment. The Development environment is the first of the three suggested environments that support your digital transformation from beginning to end. The three environments are:

Development environment: The authoring environment where the implementation phase is carried out.

Testing environment: Used for user acceptance tests.

Production environment: End user's working environment.


Steps to move to Bizagi Cloud

1. First step to move your processes to Bizagi Cloud is to automate using Bizagi Studio. Please refer to Bizagi Studio's user guide to learn how to automate using the easy-to-use Process Wizard.

2.  Once you have a solution ready and fully automated, a package should be prepared to be exported.

3. A package is exported, ready to be uploaded in Bizagi Cloud.

4. Finally the package should be exported to Bizagi Cloud's Testing environment for user acceptance tests : in this step you can upload and run your exported application from Bizagi Cloud.

5. When user acceptance tests are done, the package is then deployed to Bizagi Cloud's Production environment  for end user's access.





Importing processes from ProcessXchange is not currently supported in Bizagi Cloud offering.


What is Bizagi Studio

Thanks to Bizagi's “modeling over programming” philosophy, businesses have everything they need to transform process models into real, running applications and workflows. From defining your data model and UI to integrating IT assets and everything in between, Bizagi's in built wizard supports you every step of the way. A free download of Bizagi Studio is available in Bizagi.com


Bizagi Studio turns your process models into running applications so you can distribute them across your organization at lightning speed. No coding and no hassle, just a simple web application that allows you to easily adapt your processes to your ever-changing world. With Bizagi Studio, continuous improvement is now a reality. Below are some of its biggest advantages are:


Process IS the Application

Turn your process into a web application and adapt it instantly. No coding required and all in-line with the latest web standards.


Achieve results fast

Data layers promote reuse, so you can quickly and cost-effectively share business objects across processes and projects.


Code-free forms

Drag and drop your attributes into any one of our auto-generated forms – it’s so simple.


Flexible business rules

Manage and share your business policies and rules across many projects. Make changes easily and implement them instantly.


Workload balancing and routing

Gain total control over resources. Define work to be allocated. Optimize and balance workloads through inbuilt algorithms and manage delegates and working calendars.


Easy integration

Link Bizagi data with your IT assets using our powerful SOA-based engine. From SAP to Documentum, SharePoint to Outlook, you can connect to processes without programming.


Bizagi Studio presents an integrated runtime environment, the Development environment which allows you to login and test your automated process. As the building process takes place, this Development environment, reflects all the changes performed in Bizagi Studio,  in real time, through a Work Portal.

Please refer to our complete Bizagi Studio user guide.



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