Continuous improvement and considerations for incremental Deployments

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Continuous improvement and considerations for incremental Deployments


As part of continuous Process improvement, Bizagi allows the evolution of your Processes as your business evolves.

Sometimes this involves making changes to business data, business rules, interfaces or even changing the flow of the Process itself.


Depending on the necessary changes, it is recommended to generate new versions of Processes when they have been already deployed to Production.

This is a safe way to make changes without compromising the information of the current cases being executed in the Production environment.


However, publishing minor modifications to existing Processes is also possible, so that the current cases can take those changes and adjustments.

This section describes and guides when it should be recommended to create new versions for existing Processes, and how to handle minor changes when required for an existing Process.


Versioning Processes

It is recommended as a good practice to version your processes when changes are made.




To view further information, please refer to guidelines and recommendations for a new version of a Process.


Updating your Processes

Whenever you perform changes on your processes or your process's entities you must export them from Studio and then import them into Cloud.


Go to the seventh step of the wizard and click on Export Process.




Select the process that's been modified, and click on export. If you're not sure which processes or entities were modified you can select all the processes on your project.




Name your export file and click save.




Next, go to your Management Portal and import the file you've just created as described on Importing and running an application.