JEE platform

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JEE platform



Bizagi supports process execution in a .NET or JEE platform.


For quick start options and by default with no additional configuration required, Bizagi Studio allows you to carry out quick prototyping and testing on your automated processes in a .NET platform.

However, you may easily download and install the Bizagi JEE Plug-in in order to automate your processes and directly test them in a JEE platform.


Bizagi JEE Plug-in features a bundled JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (and a JDK), ready to run with Bizagi, so that you may anytime launch Bizagi work portal as a JEE application, just as it would be seen and made available to the end users on a working environment.



Before you continue

Make sure you refer to the next chapters about Bizagi Studio installation.

You will need a regular Bizagi Studio installation to start with, in order to then add up the Bizagi JEE Plug-in.

More information on how to install Bizagi Studio is described at Bizagi Studio installation and setup.