SAP connection administration

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SAP connection administration


Through the use of Bizagi SAP connector (officially SAP-certified), you may integrate your SAP ERP systems from Bizagi processes.

Bizagi offers the possibility to manage information of the external systems and applications integrated in the Processes for testing or production environment, as described at External systems administration.


SAP connection parameters

Edit the connection parameters of your SAP system by locating the SAP connector item under the External systems module.

Right-click on the properties of your given SAP connector configuration:





Notice that if under any circumstance any of these parameters changes in your SAP system, you may edit those in Bizagi for your specific environment (test or production).


Consider these parameters for your integration with SAP:

Application Server Host: The IP address or name of your Server hosting your SAP system.

Client: The number of the client accessing the SAP system.

Idle timeout: The timeout in seconds for idle connections.

By default, you may assign a value of 600.

Language: The 2-letter ISO code that represents the language setting (as inputted when accessing SAP through SAP Logon).

Peak connections limit: The maximum number of connections you will allow through the SAP connector.

By default, you may assign a value of 10 connections.

Pool size: The number of connections that will be handled for reuse.

By default, you may assign a value of 5.

System number: The number of your SAP system.

User: An authorized SAP user to access and invoke BAPIs or RFCs.

This SAP user configured here will be used as the service account of this connector.

User Password: The password for that authorized SAP user.