Configuration of the Work portal outside of the default web site

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Configuration of the Work portal outside of the default web site



This section involves a manual configuration of Bizagi Work portal when running in a .NET platform.

Keep in mind that this procedure is optional, and not usually needed since Bizagi will create and assist you in the configuration or upgrade of the Work portal in any of the different project environments (i.e Development, Test and Production).

The procedure described below applies specifically when you want to move your Bizagi Work portal to use a Web site at the IIS other than Default Web site (the procedure parts from having the Work portal at the default location).





Before you start

Recall that by default, Bizagi will create or update (e.g in version upgrades) the Work portal under the Default Web site.

When carrying out the configuration presented in this section, note that you will need to carry out a manual procedure when upgrading your project to a newer Bizagi version.



What you need to do

Moving the Bizagi Work portal into another Web site in the IIS considers that you first add the application into the web site of your choice, and then disabling or removing the application at the default web site.




Follow these steps:


1. Add the application under your site.

Right-click on your created website to use the Add application... option:





Make sure you:

Specify the Alias for access to your Bizagi Work portal.

Select the application pool set up for Bizagi (by default the Bizagi 64-bit ASP.NET v4.0 application pool, or a dedicated one setup for Bizagi accordingly)

Reference the same physical path your Work portal at the Default web site is using. It should be the path of the Web application folder of your project (by default at C:\Bizagi\Projects\[your_project]\WebApplication\) :




Click Ok.

You may browse the Work portal to verify changes and a successful configuration:






In the example shown above, you may see that the My Other Site is starting up under a different port than 80.

If this is your case, make sure you escalate or consider the relevant configuration in your infrastructure so that: access through a different port is authorized, and that any different hostname specification in the bindings is properly set at your corporate's DNS.




2. Disable/remove the application at the Default Web site.

Once you have verified the configuration of the Work portal under a different web site, you may disable or remove the application at the Default web site.





Note that it is recommended to disable the Default Web site instead of removing the applications (though, up to your choice).

Disabling the whole Web site offers the advantage that it will allow you to enable it temporarily upon demand, for instance to upgrade your Bizagi version by relying on Bizagi's assisted wizards.