Database server configuration

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Database server configuration

Bizagi Engine uses a database as the Processes repository.


To set up your Database Server you will need to have an installed database instance and review its configuration in order to work with Bizagi.






The Data Access layer contains the Database Server, and can be set up optionally with fail-over nodes (for a fault tolerance mechanism).

Make sure you configure your database cluster if your business requirements demand so.

For instance, in mission critical processes (high availability set up), it is recommended using a fail-over cluster (supported both as passive-active or active-active configurations).

Further configuration regarding your database cluster setup, involving the shared storage, balancer or virtual node is not described or instructed by Bizagi.  



Refer to the chapters in this section for more information about:

1. Database requisites.

2. Configuring Bizagi ODS, an optional measure to improve the application's performance and availability.