Customizing admin forms for stakeholders

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Customizing admin forms for stakeholders


When defining which end users belong to stakeholder definitions through the Work portal, by default Bizagi will present an administration form with every attribute and collection up for edition.

It is likely that you may want to customize such form and choose which attributes should be presented in this form.

You may do so, and even define one form to add new records and a separate one to edit existing ones.





Admin forms configuration

In order to use your own forms, go into the Expert view and click Entities.

Locate the stakeholder entity for which you want to customize its form and right-click it to select Advanced properties:





Browse to the Forms tab and use a form of your choice for the 3 different possibilities (or alternatively, click on create display form to design a new one):





You may click Modify display form to edit the current form if you have an explicit one selected in the drop-down.


Display form: This form solely defines which columns are shown when viewing all records of a given stakeholder.




Add form: This form defines the information to input when creating a new stakeholder instance (mapping an end user to a stakeholder).




Edit form: This form defines the information available for modification when editing an existing stakeholder instance.








The associatedUser attribute is included by default in all administrative forms. You do not need to include it in any of them