Using the Web parts

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Using the Web parts


To start using Bizagi Web parts for SharePoint make sure you already have:

Installed the Bizagi Web parts for SharePoint add-on.

Performed the Web parts central configuration.

For more information refer to Bizagi Web parts for SharePoint.






Integrate Bizagi into SharePoint

Bring the power of the best digital platform capabilities and BPM to your intranet by simply dragging and dropping Bizagi web parts into your SharePoint content.


To start using Bizagi (i.e, access your inbox, work in pending tasks or create new requests) directly from SharePoint, edit your pages to include Bizagi web parts and configure their properties.

To do this, a SharePoint Web designer has 2 options as described and illustrated below (through the set of 7 different Web parts offered by Bizagi).



First option: Bizagi Work portal as a whole (minimum configuration)

Achieve the fastest Bizagi + SharePoint integration by including the one Web part called Work portal, which features Bizagi Work portal as a whole inside of SharePoint content.

This option requires minimal configuration since it will practically embed Bizagi Work portal into any chosen page.

This page can be new or existing, but for best usability, it is recommended that the web part is included into a new page:




With this approach, for instance you may complement the integration by having this page referenced from a HTML hyperlink at your home page:



For more information and to view an example for this first option, refer to The Work portal Web part.



Second option: Bizagi web parts included separately (for enhanced flexibility)

Achieve a flexible Bizagi + SharePoint integration by including separately several web parts different to the one called Work portal.

The other web parts available make up the aforementioned Bizagi Work portal Web part and we will mention them as the Specific web parts.




These Specific Web parts are: Activity Form, My Inbox, Case summary, and Start Process list.

In addition to these, there is an additional web part called Start Process button, which acts as a shortcut that you may even use with either of the 2 options (the Start Process button will allow you to create shortcuts so that your end users can start Processes at one-click away).


For more information and to view an example for this first option, refer to Custom options and advanced settings.


Additional notes

Bizagi Web parts for SharePoint offer Bizagi Work portal's main functionality (such as: the possibility to create new cases, view the Inbox, and work in Activities and complete them). If a user needs additional functionality of Bizagi other than the ones presented above, then it is necessary to use such options directly from the Work portal in Bizagi (such as Administration options, Reports and Queries).

Other features currently not supported through Web parts are: the ECM control, printing options and the state log.