Security definition

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Security definition

You may define the following security aspects from Bizagi Studio:


Work Portal Security

Bizagi allows you to restrict access to different areas of your processes during execution to make sure that the correct people have the necessary privileges and prevent unauthorized actions.

Bizagi offers the Security Module that allows you to define a schema of permissions on some of the elements, which includes:

How are users authenticated.

What options can each user see or use (according to roles, positions, location, etc).

Which processes and tasks are available for mobile device access.

For more information refer to Work Portal Security.


Case security

Bizagi allows you to include additional security measures for the management of information that is a very sensitive, in order to comply with your data confidentiality policies.

In scenarios in which special controls are required to limit the data exposure for the different actors and roles using Bizagi Work portal, you may indicate which users have permissions over specific business information (at cases level).

For more information refer to Case security.


Database Encryption

Bizagi allows you to include additional security measures to protect sensitive information, at the database's columns level (in addition to encryption at file level such as SQL Server's TDE).

Bizagi Encryption of information at the database is carried out by Bizagi by using a key you define and safe keep separately.

For more information refer to Database encryption.