Reusable Sub-Processes

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Reusable Sub-Processes

To demonstrate how to transform a Task to a Reusable Sub-Process we will use the following diagram:


Configure Reusable Subprocess


The diagram refers to a Purchase Request Process. We are going to transform the Purchase Order task to a Reusable Sub-Process.



1. In the First step of the wizard, click Edit Process.


Edit a process1


2. Right-click the Task you wish to convert to a reusable Sub-Process, in this case the Purchase Order  task, and select the option Transform to Sub-Process


Configure Reusable Subprocess 1


3. A Sub-Process wizard will launch in a new window and show the Sub-Process types. Select the Reusable option and click the Next button.


Configure Reusable Subprocess 2


4. The Process model to be related to the shape as Reusable Sub-Process must exist (previously created through step 1 of the Bizagi Process Wizard).

Select Purchase Order from the drop-down list, select its version and click Next


Configure Reusable Subprocess 3



5. Select the exit mode from these two following options:


Stand Alone: The parent Process continues with the next of its Process flow as soon as the Sub-Process is created, without waiting for it to be completed. If the parent Process ends, the Sub-Process will remain in effect (opened).

Integrated: The complete execution of the Sub-Process is required before the parent Process continues with the next Activity of its flow.


In this case the Purchase Order Sub-Process must be completed before the Purchase Request Process finishes, so select Integrated mode.



Configure Reusable Subprocess 4



6. Finally, click Finish. Your Purchase Order reusable Sub-Process has been successfully configured.



The reusable Sub-Process must have an access type defined as Process or Only Sub-Process in the process' properties. If not, it will not be listed for selection by the wizard even though it has been created

In the Expert View, right click over the Sub-Process' version and select Properties. Make sure either Process or Only Sub-Process is selected.


Configure Reusable Subprocess 5