Perpetual License (User based)

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Perpetual License (User based)


The Perpetual License is paid for once and the software can be used for an unlimited period of time.

When you purchase a new perpetual license from Bizagi, you must also purchase the first year of maintenance for each license. After the first year, you have the option to renew your maintenance, to keep your software up to date with the latest version.


You only need to license Users (process participants) in the production environment. This purchase also gives you the right to use Bizagi free of charge in development and testing environments for the same number of users you purchased in production. These environments can be used only for the purpose of developing and testing, and under no circumstances can be used in production to handle real requirements and transactions.


Maintenance includes: new product versions to keep Bizagi up-to-date, service packs, and basic product support (No SLAs).


License Keys

After purchasing a Perpetual license for the first time you will receive an email with a License Key, which is used to license Users in the production environment. In order to activate the key you need to enter it in Bizagi Studio through the License Administration option. When a license key is activated in a production server (or computer) you have created what we call an installation.



When there is no license installed in Bizagi, the license information to be displayed in the Work Portal is:





When you buy Bizagi Maintenance in addition to Perpetual licenses you are entitled to receive 1 year of maintenance.


Maintenance includes: new product versions to keep Bizagi up-to-date, service packs, and basic product support (No SLAs).


You will receive an email with details of an online account to access Bizagi portal. In the Support section of Bizagi portal you can open support tickets to report bugs or problems, submit suggestions for product enhancement or make simple consultations regarding product functionality. In the Purchases section of Bizagi portal you are able to view and manage license information, such as, number of users per installation, unused keys and expiry dates.


Be aware that Bizagi offers 2 support levels: basic product support included with your licenses (with no SLAs) and the Premium Support Service (with SLAs) which you may purchase separately according to your requirements.



Maintenance for perpetual licenses, for any given installation, will expire after one year from the licenses' date of purchase. You will receive an email reminder 30 days before your maintenance expires for you to decide whether to renew it or not. You will also receive a final reminder on the same day that your maintenance expires. Be aware that you can buy and activate your purchase any time before the expiration date. The new one-year maintenance period will always start from the current expiration date, not from the purchase or activation date.


Maintenance renewal for perpetual licenses provides an additional 12 months of Bizagi updates and support. In case you do not renew your maintenance before the expiration date, you will lose all the rights to access product updates and technical support; you will also lose the right to renew your maintenance, which means that if you wish to have access to Bizagi updates and support services again, you will need to purchase full price licenses. In terms of the product, since you first acquired a perpetual license, you can keep using the product, but only in the version of the product current at the time your maintenance expired.


Maintenance renewals do not generate keys. However, you do need to update the information of the new expiry date in the production environment. Just click on the "Update License” button in the License Administration option. This action directly communicates with and updates the necessary information to reflect the renewal purchase.


Additional Users

When buying additional User licenses, first you need to decide whether they are needed for an existing installation or for a new one. In this way they will be associated to the appropriate installation. Remember that when a license key is activated in a production server (or computer) you have created what we call an installation.


Each purchase has a separate expiration date. If you want to unify the renewal dates into a single one, please contact a sales rep.


When buying additional Users for an existing installation you must buy the same type of User license you acquired in the first place. This is because license keys are specific for each type of license and won't work in a different one.


Buying additional Users for an existing installation does not generate keys. However, you do need to update the information of the purchase in the production environment. Just follow the simple procedure to activate your additional Users.


You could also buy Users for a new installation. This is, if you need to buy licenses for a different production server from the one that you used to install your first license key. This case would be handled as a first-time purchase and you will receive a new license key for your second production server.


Be aware that the process to buy additional Users for existing installations differs from buying Users for new installations. For instructions, read how to buy Bizagi licenses.



The use of software or hardware that reduces the number of Users directly accessing or utilizing the Server Software (sometimes “multiplexing” or “pooling” software or hardware) does not reduce the number of User licenses required; the required number of User licenses would equal the number of distinct inputs to the multiplexing or pooling software or hardware “front end”.


An example of this is a front-end (portal) application where end users fill out a form, and then a process is started in Bizagi by means of a web service or other interface.


External (Internet) Users

Bizagi offers a special kind of license for external (internet) users. It is called Initiator License, and gives users the right to initiate cases and participate in subsequent activities (e.g. enter additional info, adjust/update existing information or documents) of the same process instance (case) they initiated.


Initiator Licenses only apply to users who are NOT employees of the company that Bizagi licensed. For internal users (employees), full licenses must be purchased irrespective of the way they use Bizagi.


Initiators are licensed by user bands (1-1000, 1001-10,000, etc.), not by individual users.



Academic License

Bizagi offers an academic license. To use Bizagi Software identified as “Academic Software” you must be a not-for-profit school, college, university, or institution of higher education. You can install and use the Bizagi Software free of charge for a maximum of 20 Users in each installation. Users must be authorized students, faculty or staff members. You can use the Software for non-commercial, educational purposes only, including conducting academic research or providing educational services.


In order to obtain a Bizagi Academic License, a person authorized by your institution must legally bind your establishment to the corresponding terms and conditions and fill in the application form.

After you have submitted the form, we will contact you by email with the next steps in the application process.


If you need more information about any of our license types or terms, please contact us.