Multiselect Combo

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Multiselect Combo




This control is only available for Query forms.


The Multiselect Combo control lets you select from a drop down list records related to a single attribute, as search criteria for a query.


The control displays all the records found in the database for the selected entity, and you can select one or more of those records.

The Multiselect Combo also displays a search box where you can type the name of the record you want to find. As you type, Bizagi displays the records that match the text you enter, within any place of the record (not only the beginning). For example, if you type "wer" and a record called "Flower" exists, this record appears in the results list.



You can use the Multiselect Combo control for Parameter, Stakeholder and System entities.

This control can not search in master entities.



The following properties are available for the Multiselect Combo control:


Basic tab




Display attribute

Attribute that displays to identify the records of the entity.

Additional attribute

Optional additional attribute that displays to identify the records of the entity. This lets you search for a particular attribute in the search box of the control.

Selected by default

Determines whether the combo attribute is selected by default to appeasar in the results list.


Advanced tab




Sort by attribute

Lets you sort the list by an attribute of the entity. The results appear in ascending order based on the chosen attribute.


Filters over the entity’s records to display a smaller list of values. For further information, refer to Filters.



In an examination process, applicants can take exams in different cities. A user wants to query for all students who took exams in specific cities.

The user can get that data using the Multiselect Combo control.

Follow these steps:


1.In the Query Forms designer drag and drop an Multiselect Combo control from the Controls tab into the form.


Forms Components268


2.Select the Basic tab of the control and select the Parameter entity in the Data source field:


Forms Components269


3.Modify the following fields

Display attribute: Select the attribute of the parameter entity to display. This attribute will be the one the end users see when they select a record. For example, the name of the city.

Additional attribute: Select an additional attribute to display. For example, you can select the code of the city.


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4.Go to the Work Portal and open an Exam Query to test the Control.

Select the names of the cities you want to use as search criteria.


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Forms Components264

As you can see, if the available space is smaller than what the control needs to show all the selected records, it shows the Forms Components266 icon. The number on this icon equals the number of hidden records.


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Forms Components264


Click the Forms Components266 icon to display the hidden records.


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To delete associated records, click the Forms Components264 icon on the right of the record that you want to delete.


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