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The Money control display currencies in the form.



The currency symbol as well as the decimal and thousands separators are defined in the Business Configuration editor.

These configurations will be interpreted as the default properties for Money type controls. These settings can be overwritten on each individual control you create.


Related to attribute types

This control is related to currency type attributes.

This control can also be related to numerical type attributes. Remember that according to their length (e.g. precision and scale) these type of attributes are classified as:


oInteger: Stores integer numbers up to 10 digits.

oSmall Integer: Stores integer numbers up to 5 digits.

oBig Integer: Stores integer numbers up to 19 digits.

oReal: Stores real numbers up to 38 decimal digits.

oTiny Integer: Stores integer numbers from 0 through 255

oFloat: Stores real numbers up to 308 decimal digits.



The following are properties exclusive to the Money control:


Format tab




Allow Decimals

Defines if the number will have decimal digits or not.

Decimal Places

If decimals are allowed, this property defines how many decimals will be displayed.

Show symbol

Defines if the currency symbol is displayed or not in the Work Portal.


Advanced tab




Default Value

Automatically sets a value as soon as the form is opened for the first time. As soon as a value is chosen by the user the default will be replaced. For Combos you will be able to set a default value using an expression.

If the associated attribute is valued by means of an expression, the default value of the control will be ignored.

Minimum Value

Defines the minimum amount that can be entered into the control.

Maximum Value

Defines the maximum amount that can be entered into the control.



Clicking the Set to default value icon will reset the properties.



A Transportation and Logistics company has defined a process called Shipping Process to manage and monitor international shipments. The first task of this Process allows the customers to enter the information and estimate the cost of the shipments.


The shipment cost is calculated based on the dimensions, weight and content of the package. Once these values are entered, the customer clicks a button and the cost is displayed. To do this, a Money control must be inserted into the form.


1. The first requirement is a Currency attribute in your data model. We will create a Currency attribute named Estimated Cost in the Process entity.


Forms Components112


2. Drag and drop the Cost attribute from the data model. Bizagi will automatically interpret the attribute and add it onto the form as a Money control.

Save the form.


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3. Go to the Work Portal to test the Control.


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