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Bizagi embraces the mobile workforce revolution and takes business process automation to the next level.

Bizagi understands that more and more employees are bringing their own devices to work, and that corporations need to support these devices to keep employees connected to the organizational processes.


Bizagi mobility is based on the concept "design once and run anywhere":

Bizagi provides compatibility with every platform offering an optimized user experience for each device: whether created by hand or by machine, all processes run the way they should. Your company can create processes and have employees access business information at anytime, anywhere.

To use Bizagi mobile applications you must have a project running on a server. From your device you can connect to it and continue working as if you were in your own office computer.



We support iOS and Android operating systems for smartphones and tablets.

Tasks must have the mobile access property enabled to let the allocated users work on them. Otherwise, the tasks show the Summary form or the message Accessing this activity is disabled on this device. You can work on it using your desktop when the Summary form is not configured for the task.

To access your project from a mobile device the project must either be published in Automation Services or be connected to the same network (your mobile device and the project’s server must share the same network), or the mobile must be VPN-support-enabled.

If process creation or working on an activity must be restricted from mobile device access please refer to Restrict mobile access.


For more information refer to:

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