Manage Usage Based Licenses

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Manage Usage Based Licenses

Unlike Perpetual License, Usage Based License is based on a Performance Level required for processes. A Usage Based license is not a software product; rather it is a license that gives you the right to run processes and to access the services of the Automation Server.


Bizagi allows you managing your licenses to easily adapt to the changes in your organization. You can move the license to a new server at any moment without additional charges. Also, you will always be able to keep track of your invoices.



Everything mentioned here only applies for On-Premises environments. For Bizagi Cloud environments follow this link.


In this article we explain how to:


Activate licenses

Move Licenses to a new server

View and download invoices


License activation

If you have purchased Usage Based licenses, you only need to license the environments purchased.

After purchasing a Usage Based license for the first time you will receive an email with a License Key to license them.


Click here to see how to activate licenses in .NET edition


Take into account that when a license key is activated in a server (or computer) you have an installation.


Move Licenses to a new server

You can move your Licenses to a new server. Keep in mind that the moving Licenses MUST be performed between servers that have THE SAME PRODUCT.


If you need to move User Licenses, please contact Customer support.


View and download invoices

To view and download your invoices please sign in to Bizagi Portal with your online account credentials.

Select Internal Purchases on the main menu and then click on Invoices on the sub-menu. Please be aware that you are buying directly from Bizagi, no intermediaries involved.




Click download button to download desired invoice.