Configuring Replication or Virtualization

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Configuring Replication or Virtualization




When deploying your processes to a Test or a Production environment and using Data Replication or Data Virtualization in Bizagi, you will need to configure the connection to each of your integrated external data sources.

To accomplish this, note that you will need to use the same properties as configured previously in Bizagi Studio during the automation stages of your project.

You will need to use the properties of your data providers.


To review these properties, you may use Bizagi Management Console.

Once in the Management console, go to Expert View and select External systems, expand your configured external system and then expand Providers. right click on the provider and select Properties.





Once the Properties window is displayed, make sure you view the information of the according environment.

Note you will need the name of the set up provider as well.




With this data, follow the configuration detailed at the sections below (according to your chosen JEE Application Server):


Configuring Replication or Virtualization in JBoss