JEE runtime installation

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JEE runtime installation



Bizagi supports the runtime environment where you can log in to test your automation process in a .NET or JEE platform.


For quick start options and by default, Bizagi Studio allows you to carry out quick prototyping and testing on your automated processes in a .NET platform.

However, you may easily download and install the Bizagi JEE Plug-in in order to automate your processes and directly test them in a JEE platform.


Bizagi JEE Plug-in features a bundled JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (and a JDK), ready to run with Bizagi, so that you may anytime launch Bizagi work portal as a JEE application, just as it would be seen and made available to the end users on a working environment.



Before you continue

Make sure you have already installed Bizagi Studio, as described at Bizagi Studio installation and setup.

You will need a regular Bizagi Studio installation to start with, in order to then add up the Bizagi JEE Plug-in.

Installing this plug-in is done at the moment when you create a new Bizagi project for a JEE platform.


For more information about how to install the Bizagi JEE Plug-in, refer to Creating a project in the JEE platform.