Bizagi Studio installation

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Bizagi Studio installation

What is installed with Bizagi Studio?

When installing Bizagi Studio, the following programs and components will be added to your machine:


Bizagi Studio: Bizagi's development and construction tool used to automate the defined Processes via an easy-to-use wizard.

Bizagi Management Console: is the application used by Automation Server to administer environments to perform maintenance activities. For more information, refer to Bizagi Management Console.

SQL Server Express 2008 SP3: if you don't have an installed SQL Server database, you can select the option to include a local installation of SQL Server Express 2008 Service pack 3. For more information, refer to Bizagi Studio Installation.

Bizagi Standard Server Operation Service: this services handles the communication between environments during operations such as project creation and update, deployment, licensing, nodes administration, among others.


Where to install Bizagi Studio?

Install Bizagi Studio in your machine for a quick start setup, useful to achieve fast results for demos, product evaluation or prototypes.

For more information refer to Quick start setup.

Note that at any moment, you may easily move your project from that quick start setup into a teamwork collaboration server (for the development/authoring environment), while keeping its progress.


If you wish to have multiple users working together in the same processes, follow the teamwork collaboration setup.

You may create a new project when setting up a teamwork collaboration, or as mentioned, you may move your existing project into that central server for that development/authoring environment.

For more information refer to Teamwork collaboration setup.