Import diagram from Visio

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Import diagram from Visio

Microsoft Office Visio is a very common tool for diagramming processes. Bizagi Modeler allows you to import such processes to enable editing and manipulation.


To import diagrams from Visio, follow the steps below:


1. On the Export/Import tab, in the Import group, click Visio.


Import from Visio1


2. Select the stencil used in Visio to diagram the process.
If you click on the Mapping option, you will see the similarity between each of the elements used in the Visio Stencil and those of Bizagi Modeler.


Import from Visio2


3. Click the OK button and upload the Visio file to be imported.


Import from Visio3


4. You will be able to modify the process in Bizagi Modeler after import.


Supported Stencils

The stencils that are currently supported are those shown below:


Import from Visio4


For each stencil, you may review which elements are supported and how are they mapped in Bizagi:


Import from Visio6


You will need to make sure that your Visio model uses one of this stencils instead of “EPC Diagram shapes”.


Import from Visio5