Forms security: check-in / check-out

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Forms security: check-in / check-out

To avoid users overwriting each other's changes in a single Form, Bizagi provides a Check-in / Check-out functionality.

As soon as a Form is opened to perform changes, it is automatically locked for other users.


Thus, the first user to open a Form is able to change it. If someone else opens the same form while it is checked-out, then a message will display informing who has it locked, and it will display as read-only, as shown below.



Forms Components192



When the Form is in read-only (checked-out by someone else) only the Data model will be available to navigate.

Tabs, Properties, Nested forms, Tables, Links will NOT be enabled to review.



Check-in or enabling for edition

If the user that has the Form locked closes it, it is automatically checked-in.


The locked Form has a Check-out button on the Ribbon that allows to unlock it without closing it. When the user who has the Form locked closes it, click the Check-out button and it will be enabled for you to edit. The Form will display the last changes performed.



Forms Components193


If the Form has NOT been closed, then the locked message will display again.