Managing Live Processes

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Managing Live Processes


Having designed a process through the Live Process, you can manage it through its different stages and allocate access rights to different options, using the Manage Live Process dashboard.


Through this dashboard you can:

Promote your processes from draft to pilot and then to published.

Clone your processes.

Create new versions of your processes.

Authorize users to create new cases, generate reports and perform other tasks.


Managing processes

To manage your processes, access the dashboard by clicking Manage Live Process located under the option Live Process on the Main Menu.




The dashboard displays where you can see all your Live Processes and their state (Draft, Pilot, Published). For more information on Live Process's states, refer to Promoting your processes.




The processes are color coded by state: blue for Draft, orange for Pilot and green for Published.

Click a process's three dot menu to see the actions you can perform on your Live Process.




You can change its status, create a copy, edit its diagram or delete it.

You can create a new Live Process from this dashboard. To do so, click the Create Live Process button, located on top right corner.





Disabling and enabling case creation

Bizagi lets you disable your processes when they are in Pilot or Published state. This option keeps authorized users from creating new cases without affecting cases which are already in process. You can enable or disable your processes whenever you wish. To do so, click the process's three dot menu and select the option Disable case creation.




Bizagi shows a confirmation window, click Accept.




Disabled processes display differently. This procedure doesn't affect your process's state.




To enable your process for case creation, click the three dot menu and select the option Enable case creation. Then click Accept in the confirmation dialog.





Promoting your processes from Pilot to Published while disabled will change their state, but they will remain disabled.


Organizing your processes

The Live process management dashboard offers different ways to organize your processes or filter them. Your processes are organized by their state by default.




Bizagi offers Advanced filters to help you sort your processes and find what you need. You can filter your processes by name, creation date, category, status and whether or not case creation is enabled.




If you have a large number of processes, you can change the way they display by clicking the list_icon icon. To switch back to block view click the block_icon icon.