Guidelines when using Live Processes

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Guidelines when using Live Processes


Live processes are an easy way to have your non-complex processes available on the Production Environment.

For complete details about this feature, refer to Live Processes.


When to use Live Processes ?

If you're unsure whether your process is simple enough to be a Live process, think about what your process needs.

If your process complies with the Live process available features, then it is a good candidate.

If it requires any of the additional powerful features available in Studio, then that will be the way to go.


The table bellow can help you decide where's best to build your process based upon the features Live Processes support across different aspects.



Process flow

Workload allocation



Live Processes

Common flows/patterns

Exclusive routing

Parallel Paths

Named users directly

User groups

Common UI Logic (Visible, Editable or Mandatory)

UI distribution

Most relevant details to end users

Shapes include: Start, End or None Events;

User tasks and

Exclusive or Parallel Gateways

Throughout user groups, organizational definitions such as roles, skills, areas or positions are supported

Text, Number, Currency, Date, Boolean.

Layouts, Tabs and Groups

Customized case identifiers, alarms

Bizagi Studio *

Complex flows/patterns

Complex allocation rules

User properties

Sophisticated UI logic

Integration options

Data model

Specific features

All shapes and sub-processes included.

Can be additionally based on further organizational definitions (roles, skills, areas, positions) directly

Extends support also for Widgets, actions, complex behavior and rules in UI or validations

E-mails, ECM, Connectors, API, Data model reusability.

Experience Design, Reports, business rules and policies



* Note that Bizagi Studio supports all features promoted by Live Processes, plus the ones explicitly depicted above for Bizagi Studio.


Important considerations

This feature is available for Bizagi PaaS and Bizagi Studio projects.

The forms designer (UI builder) supports Spanish, English and Japanese.

Work allocation can be created using existing users in the Work Portal.

The Forms Designer and Process flow editor can be accessed through Google Chrome browser.