Collaborative Live Processes

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Collaborative Live Processes


When you create a new process, Bizagi assigns you as owner. This gives you the ability to invite other users to participate in the making of your process as collaborators. Users that are collaborators, owners of a process, have the role of BA Administrator or is the Admon user, will see their processes on the dashboard.


User roles

There are two roles a user can have when a Live process is shared: owner and collaborator.


Process Owner

The process owner is the process creator by default, though other users can be assigned as owners. Since there is only one owner per process, each time a new owner is selected the previous owner will be listed as collaborator. The owner has the power to delete the process's draft or pilot versions, work on the process, assign a new owner and manage collaborators (add or delete).



BA Administrator role and the Admon user have owner privileges on all the existing Live Processes.


Process Collaborator

Process collaborators have editing permissions on the processes they have access to. These permissions are the same as the process owner. However, collaborators are not allowed to delete the process, add new collaborators nor assign a new process owner. They can also delete themselves from the collaborator's list forever.



Adding a collaborator

Once you're on the Manage process dashboard, select the process you wish to add a collaborator to and select the Collaborators tab.




Next click on Add Collaborator, click on the search bar and start typing the user's name you wish to add as a collaborator.




Finally click on their name and they will be added to the collaborator's list.




Assigning a new owner

To assign a new owner click on the three dot menu, and search for the user you wish to assign as the new owner.




Click on their name. Bizagi will show a confirmation dialog, click on accept.

Now the previous owner will be listed as a collaborator and if the new owner was a collaborator, their name will appear as owner.


Deleting a collaborator

To delete a collaborator, simply click on the trash icon beside their name and they will be removed form the Collaborators list.