Business rules examples

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Business rules examples

The following examples illustrate the most common examples in Bizagi solutions.

Most of them use Xpath and Bizagi's APIs.


Managing user interface

Display validations to end users

Raise intermediate event error

Set tasks and timers duration

Add and remove elements from collections

Access the i-th record of a collection

Perform date operations

Perform string operations

Obtain Stakeholder's information

Add and remove records from My Stuff

Reassign elements in My Stuff

Use EntityArray for batch actions

Obtain and use information of the current logged in user

Obtain and use information from the current case

Obtain and use Vocabulary values

Obtain and use Entity values

Obtain case Organization data

Get users based on Organization components

Define and use sequences

Execute Events

Execute Activities

Using .id

Read and Write from Excel

Include or replace allocations

Force an attribute to deploy

Concatenate Documents